Basics of On-Page SEO: How to Improve Your On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

In this post, I'm going to talk about the homepage in a few basic. Hello, welcome to AI SEO Tools, so let's start with a quick definition of what is on-page SEO. As you, all pages ask you which is also known as on-site as you. It is an. Art and the science of optimizing the content on your page. Both the return walls are HTML source code just to make it as discoverable as possible. So what is this on-page as you hear in your on-page as you? Let's suppose this is your website so. We will work on-site like on this particular website page like in case of your titles your matter description you are linking part. Your images, and your posts so we will work on all these parameters which are available on your site. Of your website. 

OK, so let us start on-page Seo. Like you have some factors which we are considered in our page as you are. If it is, first of all, we have content then we have HTML and then we have architecture. OK, so let's Start learning one by one. What are these and what are the things we are going to cover in this particular session? See let us start with one which is your content here. In the case of the content we have content cluster then we have Peach quality. Then we have the freshness and then we have what? So let's start with the 1st. That is your content cluster here. What is this content cluster? Content clusters mean that here you have a central idea that is your hub and then you have a page. Are your spotting pages. That is the pork page attached with yours. Hub and this particular model are known as harboring spoke motor. OK, here we need to create a central page that acts as a hub for the content cluster and several spoke pages that are related to the Central hub page. Let me show you one example here of this hub. Pop model, here you can see that we have a central idea that is your weight loss and corresponding to this central idea. We have so many spoke pages available here that is the secret of weight loss in a good dietitian. 8 foods that will help you lose. Sweet why do you need to eat off in Toulouse. Sweet, the six best weight loss YouTube posts. The 14 best resources for weightless yoga exercises for weight loss. The ultimate CHEAT SHEET to lose weight. 200 myths about weight loss. So these all are the sproc pages that are related to weight loss here, which is Your hub here. 

Next, we have page-quality drinking. These are the factors that are considered. Your search engine just to rank your website high on Google search engine for sulfate. Next, we have a page quality ranking in place. In the case of your page quality ranking, these are the guidelines that are created by Google for your search quality evaluator to rate pages in the search engine. The result page is OK. So as we can see, these are the ratings here. If I'm talking about your fully meets pretty so as its name shows that a spatial rating category which only applies to certain query and grids. Merge all or almost all the mobile users would be immediately aren't fully satisfied by the result and would not need to view any other result to satisfy their need. Next, we have the highly meet category. It is also very helpful for many or most mobile users. Some users may wish to see the additional result because this is your highly meet not fully meet category. 

Next, we have a moderate meat category in this. This is helpful for many users or very helpful for some mobile users. How many users may wish to see any additional results just to fulfill your need to view? Other results here. Next, we have a slight reach here in case of the lightning meet, it's helpful for future mobile users. Bear is a connection between the query under result but not a strong. The unsatisfying connection here. Many or most users would wish to see the additional result. And the last one is here, fails to make so as its name shows, failed, fails to meet the need of the mobile users or the user would wish to see the additional result here. So these are the rating that is decided by Google Home. Next, we have YMYL pages YMYL means. Your money, your life. These are the pages that have stick Peach quality ratings. If any of your web pages on your site that allows users to make a purchase transfer money payable or submit payment information falls under the shopping or financial transaction page category. OK, and if your web page offers advice or services that help the user navigate their finances, it will fall under your financial information or advice page. Category of YMYL examples like if your website includes that help navigates taxes. Retirement planning funding for college or other major financial decisions so is covered in the financial information or advice pages category. If your website goes well beyond standard medical conditions and pharmaceuticals to offer advice. Or information about journal health drugs, specific diseases or conditions, your mental health, nutrition, and more, so they will come under your medical information or advice features practically. OK, if any website offering your legal information or advice falls under your legal information pages, which include any information regarding divorce, child custody, personal injury, creating a novel, etc. OK, so these have stick page quality. 

Right, OK, Next we have one model here that is your ET criteria for your high page quality, right? The first one is east and Cold War expertise means formal expertise that is the doctor as the author of medical content. Let's suppose you are writing any blocked content which is related to medical and in your author box. If you mention that you are the doctor. So your audience considers that you are the person who is an expert in this particular field. So begging to trust your website so this can improve your page quality. OK, so your author profile and the bio help a lot in this type of page quality production. Next, we have arthritic knees. In case of war, protectiveness means if you add you're about US section, contact the session in your website. Your testimonials, your awards, and your recognition. In that case, you're using. Can more rely on your website so this can? Also, improve yours. Speech quality next one is P, which stands for trustworthy. It means your site has reputable sources. For example, if your website is assessing certifying, so are your users. Can believe on. That and this can. Also, improve your Peach quality. Show keys that your website is secure. OK, so this is your trustworthiness, so these are your page quality. 

Now the next one We have a freshness of content here. The freshness of content means that the website can take advantage of the content freshness boosted by producing relevant content that matches the real-time pulse of the industry. So the average content which you decide. To write on your website that must be fresh or you have your ideas. If you are using any tool for writing any content in that cave, Google will penalize you. Next, we have. Vertical searches in the case of vertical searches. Let's suppose your website is not ranked on Google, but you can also rank your website on Google Maps. If you target your local audience, for example, if you have your restaurant and if you do local Azure for yours. Student, then we can target the local audience and if your local audience will search out your website on Google map or you have product or services on Google Map then your website is right here. OK, you can also rank your website on Google Images. Here we can also upload your images. Do a lot of new submissions. Here and your website is also ranked. On images here. Then just like you can rank your website on use, you can also write your channel on YouTube posts. OK, so these are some verticals. Search options here now. This is all about your content part on all pages. So let's start with the HTML part HTML. Is the language here, which is high? For fixed. A markup language that is used in the creation of more websites on your website. In the external part, we will take care of these patterns here OK in. In your HTML we first optimize our title than our meta description, then our. Harder pack and then our image or type. OK, let us start with the title optimization. So just for doing your title optimization, we have to focus on the keyboard and this particular keyword is mentioned in the title tag at least. Once and try to keep this particular keyword as close to the beginning. Of the title tag as possible. The next one is of a header tag. We can use the focus keyword once prominently near the top of the page. So just like this is your hardware tag here, this is here. Attachment here and just like your actual tag, you also use H2H3 or four that just for taking subheadings OK. This is just a brief about your header type. In our common module, we will cover a complete module about these particular topics I will come up with. A complete session. On header rank. 

Next is using keywords in the body tag. Boost the focus keyboard at least two or three times in your body tag, including variations in the body copy of the page must include your keyword in the first passage and the last passage of your body text. OK, next week. Have an image or text when you use any particular image on your web page then you must have to add this particular all time. All page stands for your alternative text. For example, if your image is not visible on Google. In that case, instead of your image, your all text. Is visible there. So you have to use the focus keyboard at most once in the alt attribute of one image of an owner page. This not only helps with the web search but also is such which can occasionally bring valuable graphics here. Next, we have. Meta description In the case of matter distribution here you can see when you search your query on Google then you can see results like this. Here we have one Harding. Which is known. As title. And here we have a description which is known as meta description. Here meta description directly does not impact your new part, but indirectly it impacts you as a new part because this particular title and this particular matter description is the first description that tells about your website. Where the user. Just know what the information they are getting on your website when we. Visit there. OK, so that's why you must have to write a meta description that includes every information about your website in a short and descriptive form, and at least once in the meta description tag you have to include your keyword and note that the meta description tag does not that. Used by the search engine for ranking, but rather it helps to attract more. Click by the searches from their result P as it is just part. Of the tanks. Used by the. Search engines are OK. So after your matter description next we have your HTML part. Next, we have architecture here in the case of architecture we can work on our crawl like our planning process. We can work on the speed of the website. We can work on the mobile website like when we choose our website on the word. Press then first we can decide the travel website must be mobile-friendly because in this coming era every people want that every website they can open on the mobile device only. OK, and in the architecture part, we can also work on our blue or else here. OK, so this is just the basics of your SUV. Next, we have. These are the things that we have to avoid when doing on Peach. Few first of all we have pinned content, Pandora updates domain. Against targets sites with a predominant amount of social content and essentially treat it similar to over-spam means. On your website, the amount of content you are using that must not weak thing you have to use a proper amount of content on your site. 

Next, we have clocking is in bad activity. That rigging your site so that the search engine is shown a completely different version that works moments. For example, if you can see it on YouTube. Let us suppose we have some title here, and when we open this particular we'd Rd, then we can find that this is not relevant to the particular title. This is completely different, so this activity is known as clocking activity. Next, we have. He will stuff in here in case of keyword stuffing. You can paste a word many times in a room, typically at the bottom of the page. OK, what happened in keyword stuffing? Lattice pose, as you know that your website we target to rank on a particular. Keyword so if you can use that particular keyword again and again in your latter description in your piper or your. Content so this is known as keyword stuffing here. OK, we have to use our particular keyword in a proper density here and that is known as your keyword density here. OK, and that particular density is one or two percent, it means if you are using a hundred-word article then you only have to use one or two times your particular keyword here. OK, next we have the hidden content, and just like as you can see this is a wide background here and if you are using any text with white color so this can make. Your text is bland. OK, so this is known as your hidden content here. So we have to avoid our hidden content and the hidden patches. In a soup. OK, so this is just a beef about as you in our coming module we will come up with all this activity practically and theoretically. Thank you so much for watching this post.  


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